Before we went to watch dolphins we heard stories about many boats out in the sea at the same time to see these beautiful mammals. It made us a little bit sad, but seeing dolphins is a real thing, so we decided to check what comes up. It was another day with a wake-up before sunrise, so we were a bit unconscious. Boat arrived on time and took us from the hotels beach. Already during the trip we could admire the rising sun, but then we noticed how many boats set off to search dolphins. Unfortunately, it turned out that this was not the biggest problem. When dolphins appeared single or gathered, boats were chasing them instead of staying in one place so they could swim freely and people could watch the event in peace. Dolphins stopped joyful jumps out of the water, probably were scared of by the noise of engines. It was completely pointless and certainly more could be achieved during quiet watching, avoiding this race. Maybe dolphins were not so tired of people, because they appear every morning, but we felt a bit disappointed, like intruders. If only locals tried to perform it differently…

Luckily we had an underwater camera and we put it into the water couple of times – what a pleasant surprise awaited us upon our return, when it became apparent that we recorded the dolphins! 馃檪

Anyway, seeing dolphins live in the wild is a beautiful thing and I recommend it to anyone. Let me remind you also on the occasion, that “dressage” of these animals or imprisoning them in the pools of Ocean Worlds is a cruelty. Do not pay for the torment of animals. (P.S. we heard that in Lovina one of the hotels caught a dolphin and holds it in the pool … I’ll leave it without a comment…).


Lovina Beach is nice, but it’s hard to enjoy the view, because all the time we will be proposed a massage or some souvenirs, even far from the center. Already at the shore, one can hit the reef and fishes. But a little further in the national park there are beautiful places for snorkeling and if we will be one day near again we will visit this place for sure 馃檪
I put below the (underwater) video.



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