A city bike can be a great option for busy people. When Wroclaw is standing in traffic jams, you can move quickly and comfortably on them, because there are a lot of stations available, in addition now Wrocławski Rower Miejski (Wroclaw City Bike) points does not limit you with the number of racks. Of course, we can not forget about ecology and health – a little fitness will never hurt nobody. And if we’re going to a crazy party right after doing business in the city, we can leave the city bike safely, own cicle one would have to pick up from the center the next day or watch for it whole evening and lead with you around Wrocław.


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Wrocław City Bike – how does it work?

The bicycle system in Wrocław is already functioning for a while – since 2011 – and it looks like it works, because now the bikes will be available all year round, and not only in the season. Probably thanks to the record from 2018, when the inhabitants of Wrocław and tourists used bicycle rental as many as 1.1 million times. In addition, this year bikes are exchanged for new ones, equipped with a 7-speed derailleur, and the station network has developed from 20 to 40 equipped with terminals that allow you to register and rent a bike.

From now you can also leave the city bike outside the station for an additional fee of PLN 3 – for now, but if the service works and does not complicate the work of the system will be maintained. 200 stations and 2000 bikes will be available from June (600 in winter). I must admit that the new bike was much easier for me, I did not have to fight to attach it to the stand, nor worry about the fact that there is not enough free space in my station to be able to return the bike quickly.

In addition to the new generation IV bicycles, residents of Wrocław can take advantage of 65 non-standard bicycles, including for example children’s bicycles or by prior reservation, cargo bikes, tandems, electric bikes, folding bikes and handbikes are available.

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Registration in the system

To register in the city bike system, complete the registration form, accept the regulations and pay a registration fee of 10 PLN, and then confirm the registration by clicking the link that you will receive to your e-mail address. In the form you will find questions about the mobile phone number, name, surname, address, email and you will be asked to accept the rules and confirmation of selected marketing approvals and processing of personal data.

Further verification will be automatic. As soon as the fee is credited, you will be able to rent city bikes. Registration can be made via the website, a mobile application, at a station with a terminal or by telephone (+48 71 738 11 11). The account established in previous years in the Wroclaw City Bike system will remain valid. Before renting, check whether your account is active, if there is at least PLN 10 and if you have accepted new rules.

Phone app

The Wroclaw City Bike app (WRM app) has so far few stars, but its use has not caused me a problem so far. It is quite intuitive and reacts correctly, I rent the bike without any obstacles. Apparently, sometimes likes to jam when returning a bike and it is worth making sure that the formal rental has ended and it is, according to the application, returned from the loan in the WRM system.

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źródło: Google Play Store

Here you will find the app: Google Play – click / App Store – click

Reservation and stop


The city bike can be reserved via the application, website or via the terminal. First you choose the type of bike, one of the five dedicated stations, and finally the hour. Booking a bike for a non-dedicated station should be made by contacting the Contact Center – booking and bringing the bike to the indicated station is an additional paid service. Note – no rental of a reserved bike means an additional fee of 50 PLN.

The reservation can be canceled free of charge at the latest 60 minutes before the hour indicated during the booking (these are always full hours), for this purpose you should make a phone call to the Contact Center. The reservation ends 15 minutes after the time indicated by us, after this time the bike will be available for booking for other users.


It means a break in the loan, but not its return, the stop is included until the time of rental, so it is worth keeping an eye on the limits, because the fees for exceeding them are high. To use the parking option, in the mobile application, select Stop, double-click and then close the o-lock block. In addition, you can secure the bike with a bracket with a combination lock. To end the parking time, please click resume in the app in my rental.

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When handing over, make sure that the bike after locking has been returned in the system, this may take a while

Unfortunately, we’ve hit bikes with broken gears twice, test the bike at the station

city bike in wroclaw

Map of city bike station in Wroclaw

city bike wroclaw

city bike

Be careful when changing the height of the saddle

Rental prices of city bikes

Price list for Standard bike

  • from 1 to 20 minutes 0 PLN
  • from 21 to 60 minutes PLN 2
  • the second and each subsequent commenced hour 4 PLN / hour

Price list for an electric bike

  • from 1 to 4 hours 5 PLN / hour.
  • from 5 to 24 hours free of charge
  • 25. and each subsequent commenced hour 5 PLN / hour

Price list for the bike type: folding, tandem and cargo

  • from 1 to 4 hours 2.50 PLN / hour.
  • from 5 to 24 hours free of charge
  • 25. and each subsequent commenced hour 2.50 PLN / hour

Price list for children’s bike

  • from 1 to 48 hours free of charge

Price list for a handbike bike

  • from 1 to 72 hours free of charge

Additional fees

(I only mention some if them)

  • The fee for theft, loss or destruction from PLN 3690 to PLN 30750 depending on the bike
  • Bonus for bringing a standard and children’s bike to WRM station 2 PLN
  • Leaving a standard and children’s bike outside the WRM station PLN 3
  • Cycling for more people than allowed for a given type of bicycle PLN 100
  • Abandoning a bicycle outside the use zone from 10 km to 100 km: a fee from 50 PLN to 1000 PLN
  • Leaving the bike in a hard-to-reach place PLN 600
  • Transporting the bike by other means of transport (train, bus, car, etc.) PLN 50

bike trip wroclaw

Here is WRM website – click

bike trip wroclaw

Bikes are equipped with baskets with rubber bands, and the bottom of the basket is a solar battery

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