Cuba … a popular holidays destination that brings simple associations: drinks, beaches, music and love. Hot are not only Cuban rhythms, but also the rays of the sun, which beautifully underline the flamboyant colors of buildings, walls and clothes of equally hot Cubans. But what happens if we get rid of colors? How life in Cuba looks then? How many Cubans want to show us what we will never understand? What lies beneath a brilliant riot of colors?

I get more and more questions about Cuba. I was there, I did not write about it, I only put some photos into the gallery (which you will find here and here, I refresh it from time to time) and taht is all… Well, I walk around it, I make circles, look at it, I’m thinking. I am with this Island unquestionably connected permanently, my personal life has got tangled up in it. I do not know how much in this connection with Cuba is love and how much hate. Did she teach me something or just make me look at the world disort way. It will turn out one day. This is relationship that mature over time. So far I leave here what I see and feel when I think about Cuba


My black and white memories from Cuba:

kuba wakacje samochody

kuba havana wakacje

kuba wyspa hazard

kuba havana

kuba dzieci wakacje

Kuba gory wakacje

kuba turysci wakacje samochody

kuba jedzenie

kuba tatuaze hawana

kuba walki kogutow

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