Segara Anak Lake

On the second day we went down to the crater lake. The route was steep and the knee support was helpful. More and more, the route resembled climbing, you had to use your hands and feet to move forward. At the bottom you can swim or just relax and enjoy the views. Even there, the view of new volcano in the caldera lake was misleading. It seemed that it was just a small hill. Only when you look at the pines growing on the island it becomes clear how great it all is. How wide is the crater. How amazing this place is.

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Rinjani hot springs

After a short break, we climbed to the hot springs. There, unfortunately, it turned out that a million of locals and some tourists lie down at different levels of springs and we had to wait a little bit for a nice spot. Sulfuric, bubbling water was really warm, in higher reservoirs almost burning – at least for me too hot. We bathed and walked around the springs for a while and then we went to rinse under an icy waterfall. Of course, our group photos in suits remain in private collections.

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Climbing, trekking and overnight stay

After about an hour of rest we dried up and went down again to the crater lake to eat a lunch. Later there was only a way up awaiting us. It was steep and very strenuous. I wonder how I could go all day in such conditions. Hiking in the snow is less safe, but it is not easy to overheat.

The road is steep, rocky and very narrow. Every passing porter and tourist going the other way is problematic. It’s already colder, but the sun shines strongly.

In the evening we get to the camp place and we can again feast our eyes on a beautiful sunset and the clouds “flowing” into the crater, which we see already from quite a high altitude.

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Gunung Rinjani, an active volcano on the island of Lombok in Indonesia; belongs to stratovolcanos.
Geographic coordinates 8 ° 25’S 116 ° 28’E. The height of 3726 m above the sea level
Oval crater measuring 6 x 8.5 km in the west of the crater 230 m deep Segara Anak lake.
The first recorded eruption in 1847., the last in 2015.

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trekking Rinjani

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