Rinjani trekking

Three days Rinjani trekking

As I mentioned in a previous post while being on Gili Air we changed the company organizing trekking to Rinjani. At the place we knocked the price a lot, moreover we decided to take more popular ascent – from Senaru to Sembalun. Three days trekking with two nights.

We left early in the morning by boat with locals to Lombok, from jetty with a small bus we were taken to Senaru. Quickly and efficiently, without any unclear situation. In the hotel we had a breakfast then we set off to chase our group, which was on the way for quite some time already. Short ride to the Rinjani Trek Center, collection of water, which we were obliged to bear and buying the tickets. Large backpacks have been locked in a room at the hotel and were waiting for us – as it turned out – safely.

Rinjani trekking

Lombok Rinjani

Pos 2 and the beginning of the trekking

To Pos 2, where the rest of the group waited for us, we were led by a young boy, of course wearing flip-flops, like all porters; D The route was strenuous and humid. After 400 meters I had to take off the hiking boots and replace them with sneakers. Heels, unfortunately, have already been heavily ripped off. I decided to get rid of old shoes in Indonesia and buy new ones after return, not the first time they injured me – despite patches. Meanwhile, I reached the summit of Rinjani in sneakers for 30 Polish Zloty;) Although I felt every stone, it is doable. Isn’t it?

Along the way, I felt quite exhausted, I was never long-distance runner, so mountain hiking is very hard for me. But it is even harder to refuse such adventures and views. I do not remember how long it took us to Pos 2, according to the map about 3 hours. I got there in a standard shape, all wet, including hair and with the face all red. Well, you need to get used to it and stop worrying;). The humidity level in the air is indescribable. The rest of the group was waiting for us accompanied by other teams and guides conquering Rinjani. We had a lunch and moved on. Our group consisted of Dutch – Canadian – Malaysian, very nice.


Rinjani crater

That day we had to get to the crater – or rather its ridge (Plawangan Senaru). Just below it was the first overnight. The route still led through the jungle, but with increasing altitude temperatures became more bearable and humidity went down. It was necessary, however, to use the sun cream, despite the cold sun shined intensively. In addition, it was necessary to keep an eye on belongings. Herds of monkeys know very well that where the people are there a quick and easy meal is. There were a lot of them. As it turned out in the night, the packs of dogs appeared. Well, good we asked why we have to hide backpacks in the tent, otherwise the howling in the night could have scared us a little bit. Still little afraid to jump out for a pee;) Of course, the headlamps were very helpful, although this night you could go out easily without them, because the moon was shining strongly and clearly. The sky was filled with stars, the view, which cannot be seen from the bright city area, was beautiful.

Of course, the meals and tents were prepared by brave porters. It is a little bit discouraging when they swiftly pass you on the trail with considerable weight on their back wearing flip-flops, while you straggle with the backpacks. But they do this route regularly. So either they are trained or have some natural predisposition (so to explain myself;)). This part of the tour was first steep and somewhat muddy, then steeper and very rocky.

trekking Rinjani Indonezja

Night at the tent at Rinjani

After sunset it became much colder, so remember to bring warmer clothes, not everyone will be comfortable with the sleeping bag only. About the temperature at the top I will write later – it was terribly cold! What else might be useful? I cannot sleep without a pillow, so I bought the inflatable pillow in the shape of the letter C – I use it to sleep on the airplanes – I wrapped it in a sweatshirt and it was OK. Another useful thing are the wet wipes. The one for children or antibacterial. We had both types and, as usual, were useful, they could be used to disinfect the hands, and even clean the body easily in the tent after a hard day. Candy bars or something sweet to snack during hard time or while waiting for a meal. Possibly quick dissolve “multivitamin” if the water would have a awful taste.
Night was not the most pleasant, but it was really tolerable. Broken, but smiling, we got up to eat a breakfast at sunrise and to hike bravely the next stage of the trek.



źródło: http://www.lombokrinjani.com/map_and_route_rinjani_trekking_lombok.htm


źródło: http://www.trekrinjanilombok.com/trekking-map.htm

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