Sunrises and sunsets like in another universe, and then the starry sky, which quickly reminds us that we are on our green planet. Still green, wondering how long. Wadi Rum is beautiful, but I would prefer not to live in the future in such conditions, it is certainly not an easy and comfortable life, almost devoid of vegetation and rain. In the summer it can be very hot, while in the winter after a sunny day the penetrating chill of the night can strongly surprise you. In the morning, in the dark, I came out from under the eiderdown and sleeping bag for pictures, wearing several layers of clothes and a down jacket, to immediately after sunrise pull clothes off because the sun quickly warmed up my body. This does not mean, however, that in November there was heat as in summer. And the views? Priceless. With a hand on my heart I can say that they are breathtaking. I invite you to the photo gallery.

wadi rum sunrise

jordan wadi rum attractions

stars sky wadi rum


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