First morning in Singapore welcomed us with incredible humidity in the air. It was sometimes more like swimming than walking 馃槈 When I hurt my feet no adhesive plaster was able to stick for more than 15 minutes, because the skin was covered with a film of moisture and sweat – definitely it is not worth fighting with, no chances to win 馃槈 Better focus on providing your body enough water, I recommend delicious lemon-honey water! And if planning to get hurt – take bandages 馃槈



Groupon Singapur


We were able to buy twice cheaper Groupons for river cruise and visit in Gardens by the Bay, so in the morning we went to the office to pick up the tickets. We reached Clarke Quay by MTR and had breakfast there. After that we found our providers booth. Even though only four person were on the board (our friends went to Bali in the morning) boat launched as planned and on time.




Gardens by the Bay


After the river cruise we made the same walk trip, that we made at the evening day before and at the end we reached the Gardens by the Bay. Now I am a bit regretting that we walked so slow, it would be perfect to have more time in the gardens – they are really big, a lot of things to see but the darker it is outside the more difficult to take the pictures inside. We walked out when it was completely dark, waited for 15 minutes and went to see the Garden Rhapsody. The performance made much bigger impression than the Light Show, it was very colorful and with the music background. A bit like we were moved for a while to the fairy tail or to enchanted garden. After the show we didn’t want to go away, we were kind of hoping that the performance will start again 馃槈 (photos from gardens in the text post)



Marina Bay Sands


We let the crowds go (lift limited fast flow of people) and we decided to try to reach the boat on the top of the Marina Bay Sands for free. We did it! 馃檪 First you should go to the lifts inside the hotel hall, choose the one going to the very top – for example the one which is on the right side while standing with the back to the gardens. Go discreet after someone who has a hotel card – it is the only way to use the lift – once you are in press the last floor button, otherwise if our lift-mate leaves sooner we won’t be able to go further alone. We left the lift on the pool floor, from there we can see the port and the Gardens by the Bay. From the other side we can see a part of the skyscrapers. Better not to go further right on the skyscrapers side where the bar is or you may gain an unwanted attention of the hotel crew, a special sign is in the place – apparently they are used to have some lost tourists on their roof.
The regular chargeable observation deck is few meters below, you can see it.

In the underground of a nearby shopping center is a metro station and from there we go back to hotel to relax and pack up for tomorrow flight to Yogyakarta. In summary – I like Singapore 馃檪 If I will be here again during next trip I would visit a China Town, Orchid Garden and walked the path above the ground, leading through a big chunk of the city.



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