Git Git waterfall

After chasing dolphins we came back for breakfast, packed up and went downstairs, because the day before we manage pick up to Amed. First, we considered public transport or minibuses, but it turned out that along the way there are a few places that we can visit. Among the people on the beach appeared a nice handmade bracelets seller, which from word to word offered us a car transport. On the beach we had the WiFi from our hotel so we easily and efficiently compared the prices of other carriers, bargained a bit and agreed that during the way he will take us to two or three places we want to see. We evaluated the distance and difficulties to get to nearby attractions and decided to visit waterfall and temple.

First, we visited the Git Git waterfall. You have to go by quite a long, winding path, at the beginning, as usual there are guiding proposals – at this place there is no need to take one. Next we pass a lot of stalls and we are accosted by a clever sales-ladies. I must admit that I liked there painted in the traditional style tiny images that I was not able to find anywhere else later in Bali and really regretted that I did not buy them. We bought sarongs to not have to rent them at each temple. First the prices are a complete misunderstanding and one can easily beat them to 1/4. We have found out that trying to move away from the stand. And this trick could be good during bargaining, despite the problem when you really change your mind and want to leave it’s very hard to walk away.

Waterfall is nice, very loud and all around water is floating on the wind. Even standing far away from water one can be covered with solid mist. It is a pleasant place. But if you want do some pictures without people you need to stand there very long and wait for occasion, even if it is “queue” politely waiting to approach the same waterfall for of some strange tourists fall into the frame and do looks like do not realize that they disturb the other making their own photos. You should be patient.

Beji Temple

Temple Beji appeared on our way almost at noon, despite the glasses I barely saw where I was going, the sun beat down mercilessly. We liked this tample, not only because of its intimacy and mass of details, but the prevailing peace there. We were the only tourists. It was worth to go there.

Beji Temple – more (click)

Travel and sightseeing took us about 3-4 hours. Along the way, we were able to discuss with our driver plenty of topics related to life in Bali, Indonesia, in Europe, the politics and conflicts in the world. It is always nice to talk to someone from a different culture. Especially when it turns out that very often has a similar view on important topics.


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