Kuala Lumpur

Oh, I was not able to take photos of many things. I admit that I had less time in Kuala Lumpur than last year in Singapore, but the the most annoying was mainly the lack of camera during a daylong visit before returning. Fortunately, thanks of courtesy of my fellows I could shot few pictures, but it’s not the same…

Getting ready to explore the city I tried to find some highlights, from which I could start to find things to do for myself. And that’s probably the first thing I lacked in Kuala Lumpur. Even when we inquired at Mabul residents of the capital about what to see at first they were confused, then they said laughing that virtually nothing 😉 I asked them just a little bit about Menara tower. So I continued searching, nothing special stole my heart – such as Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. There was also nothing very exotic that I felt in Bangkok. Kuala Lumpur is cool, but in my opinion somewhere in the middle, neither very modern, nor very original and exotic.

Unfortunately I didn’t shot tiny colorful houses near the Central Market because of a dead battery. They were really nice. But market by itself disappointed me, things that could be found in other places here cost twice as much. If shopping – not there. But what is worth doing in Kuala Lumpur is eating, a lot, tasty, colorful and varied. We ate in the Little India, but in many places I saw a very different and appetizing dishes. Fresh juices, even apple one 🙂 Prices in eateries are very attractive. We visited once bacpackers pub in the Chinatown, nothing special about food.

Fortunately, during the visit on the way back town showed me the nicer side, and the people turned out to be very nice. In the moments you start to spin around, you stare too long at the board in the subway – soon someone will appear willing to help. Sellers are nice, staff in pubs spent a lot of time showing what is what in the extensive menu and even indicate photo of dishes at the other end of the room.

The first day we slept close to the airport, so we had to take KLIA to get to the city center. Nice modern trains with WiFi, so on the way to town you can quickly check something or let know family that everything is fine. The journey from the airport takes about 30 minutes, so the internet for free is a great thing. Timetable can be found here: https://www.kliaekspres.com/plan-buy/schedule/ We were going from the station Sanak Tingiggi (12.5 RM – KLIA transit), and prior to departure to Europe we bought return tickets at the airport (70 RM – KLIA ekspres), because this time we stayed closer to the city center. Metro works well, maybe it is a little hard to find what you need, not at each station there is a map. Very often small maps are printed black and white, so it is not easy to find out proper way, but after two runs you already intuitively navigate in the subway 😉 Tickets costed us 1 RM – RM 1.8, we weren’t travelling particularly far, the price varies with the number of stations.

Kuala Lumpur is a city to which I have to return and get to know it once again, better. This visit was interesting, but it seems to me that the city has more to offer than showed me this time. But it was easier to leave, saying see ya, not farewell 😉

Kuala Lumpur

What we can visit in Kuala Lumpur:


Petronas Towers

Perhaps the most recognizable attraction in Kuala Lumpur. You can see them from afar and they look very nicely, in the movie they made bigger impression on me, but I must admit that rosy in the rays of the setting sun they looked very attractive. At night we went to see them up close – be prepared for crowds of tourists around the towers 🙂 At their base there is the KLCC a multi-level, modern shopping mall, but we were not interested in it. Between 8 – 18 o’clock you can enter the Sky Bridge that spans between towers at a height of 170 meters (41st and 42nd floor). The seventeen acre KLCC Park, the lakes, fountain and light show are located just behind the building.

Menara Tower

Wanting to see the city from above we decided to visit the TV tower. Tower head has several levels. Among others: TH01 Observation Deck with a binoculars, TH02 with a restaurant, TH05 Oped Deck. Tickets are not particularly cheap, covered level is 52 RM, and Open Deck 105. We chose the first and it was OK. The downside are the queues at the entrance just to shot photo on a green background – later employees fit people in the background associated with the tower and sell all kinds of gadgets with this picture, even snow balls. Unfortunately, if you don’t want to take a photo you still have to wait in the queue. (www.menarakl.com.my/detail6.html)

Chinatown and Little India

Two quarters worth visiting. Chinatown with characteristic lanterns and a market at Petaling Street (the prices are not as attractive as in Bangkok, but pretty cool, of course, you’ll find a whole bunch of fakes 😉 (sellers don’t want to bargain to much), Little India is tasty and smells good, cool eateries and overall it is very colorful.

Batu Caves

Caves and Hindu temples located 13 km from the city, which can be reached by train in about 30 minutes – the cost is 4 RM for return ticket. I strongly recommend to buy a return ticket, it allowed us to avoid a big queue on the way back. Getting on the train pay your attention if it’s not a section just for ladies. Remember to dress appropriately, women preferably in something covering legs. The cave is really big, inside unfortunately it is fair like, and on the way to the temple at the end it stinks terribly. I liked much more the crowds outside – beautifully and colorfully dressed Hindu people. It looked very nice, but the crowd was huge. Of course, playing monkeys have a lot of charm, I heard we should not laugh at them. Of course you should be vigilant, because they steal food (and probably not only food). In front of the cave there is a great statue of Lord Murugan – 42.7 meters painted in gold. It looks very good.

For museums lovers small Muzium Negara (5RM) and the Museum of Islamic Arts (12 RM).

Kuala Lumpur

I cannot write about everything on the blog , if something is not clear, if you need more accurate information – just ask. If I do not remember I will search in tons of flyers and tickets I collect or will check in my notepad. Maybe I can help.

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