This will end with the entry of the editor-in-chief of National Geographic Poland and the deputy editor! Seriously!

But first things first.

It began with the fact that at the festival – despite the already long acquaintance – for the first time I saw live with Ola from Madness! In the real world it turned out to be even better than on the Internet, we get along sensationally and catch our sense of humor in a flash, which is why we were quickly hailed as sisters.

I admit that although it was a special event for me, the second travel performance in my career and the first with a such large audience and as big festival, I was so busy for the last two weeks that I did not manage to get really stressed out. The last hour has already felt what is waiting for me, but people told me it was not heard when I was talking 馃檪 And most importantly, I did not run away!

The conversation with Ola turned out to be very pleasant and went our way, we were able to talk about almost every topic we prepared and wanted to move on to the next when suddenly the editor-in-chief Agnieszka Franus and deputy editor Micha艂 Cessanis came on stage. Almost like commandos! At first I doubted because I was looking at my watch regularly and it seemed to me that we still had a few minutes. Maugo did not wave again. I mean, it seemed to us, she probably waved several times after the first sign meaning “you have 15 minutes left”. We were both sure we had more time. I regret that I did not notice these artistic performances of Ma艂gosia, as I know her it was amazing and creative and she tried her best to get our attention.

Well, they came, they did not shout, on the contrary – I have not heard so many nice words for a long time, unless “the girls are really amazing, but we have to finish” it was just about our talking-to-much. Deep down, I try to think that it wasn’t. We crossed the time, and immediately after us took place an artistic show on the inside of the hall, about which the viewers should have been informed, hence the sharp cut and the daring action of taking over the stage. Apparently we did not say anything that caused the NG editorial team to enter the podium, we have not proved to be controversial. I do not know, maybe a bit too bad. But from our point of view, the action of commandos – priceless!


NG Polska The Ollie

fot. Wiola Wi艣niewska, Teresa Tuleja i Wiola Starczewska


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