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Beautiful paintings with an Islamist regime in the background

It was trange to watch this movie, calm scenes, beautiful landscapes, masterful mastery of the characters arguing almost with the content of the story. Timbuktu is a film about a city in which the jihadists took over the power and imposed on the inhabitants an Islamist regime.

In Malian Timbuktu, smoking, dancing, singing and listening to music were prohibited, even football is forbidden – this part of the film in which children “play footbal”, although simple, made a great impression on me. He could convey so much without saying anything. Absurd situations that seem completely abstract.



part f the movie “Timbuktu”

A boy who loves rap recording his admission of guilt – you can not laugh. Fighters during a patrol arguing about Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, who some minutes later arrest adulators and stone them to death. Orthodox Islamists in fashionable glasses and cell phones in pockets, at night tracking young Timbuktu residents, playing music and cultivating Malian traditions, in a moment to condemn them to forty lashes, public flogging.

The film is beautiful and unusual in the form of a message. So calm, it’s scary

The film is beautiful and unusual in it’s form. So calm, it’s scary. Abderrahmane Sissako tells us about the holy war and religious fanaticism in a very interesting and unusual way, delicate and airy, and at the same time strong and depressing.

And this music…

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